CHC Gloves provide the following Shipping options:



Free on Board, or FOB is an Incoterm, which means the seller is responsible for loading the purchased cargo onto the ship, and all costs associated. The point the goods are safe aboard the vessel, the risk transfers to the buyer, who assumes the responsibility of the remainder of the transport.  FOB is the most common agreement between an international buyer and seller when shipping cargo via sea. This Incoterm only applies to sea and inland waterway shipments. (Request for a discount voucher for your next purchase or ask for your refund on fees already charged in price)


Cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) is an international shipping agreement, which represents the charges paid by a seller to cover the costs, insurance, and freight of a buyer’s order while the cargo is in transit. Cost, insurance, and freight only applies to goods transported via a waterway, sea, or ocean.

The goods are exported to the buyer’s port named in the sales contract. Until the goods are delivered to the buyer’s destination port, the seller bears the costs of any loss or damage to the product. However, once the goods have reached the buyer’s port of destination, the buyer assumes responsibility for any fees or charges for unloading and delivering the shipment to the final destination.


The place of delivery must be at origin, but the seller must arrange for transportation up to the place of destination. This can be anywhere in the buyer’s country.Delivery occurs after the goods are loaded on the truck that collects the goods at the seller’s premises. After that, it is the seller who has to ship the goods, using any means of transport, including air freight. CIP requires the seller to provide for insurance for the goods.

Kindly note all prices on our website includes CIF Sea Freight, if Airfreight is required an additional cost will need to be added.

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